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The premier yoga and barre studio of Five Points in Denver, CO. 

Instructor Bios


Cassie Silvia

Cassie was initially drawn to yoga as a way to physically challenge herself although she soon discovered that there was much more to it than a good sweat.  She found yoga as a healthy outlet for emotional release and began to see the connection between what she was experiencing both on and off the mat.  Yoga has taught her to let go of the things that no longer serve her and be open to receiving the more positive vibrations this life has to offer.  With a strong desire to connect with others in this positive way, Cassie completed her 200 hour power yoga teacher training with CorePower in the fall of 2014, where she became empowered to take what she learned and share it through continued service.  Her classes are both lively and challenging; utilizing slow and controlled breath and a focus on finding freedom through movement. As both student and teacher, Cassie looks forward to continuing her yoga journey and sharing her light and love with everyone she meets on the path.

Erika Beaton

Erika received her 200 hour Yoga Instructor certification from Jai Yoga Arts in Brooklyn, NY and has furthered her training with 100 hours of Restorative Yoga Instructor training through Pure Yoga. She strives to create a nurturing environment that supports personal growth within your practice - however best serves you. She hopes you will take the fortune cookie epiphanies that you find through your practice out into the world and bless others with your yoga-found wisdom. In her spare time you will find her drawing, painting, reading,or any number of things that nurtures her own personal growth and feeds her soul.

Izzy Allegrazza


Yoga came into Izzy’s life eight years ago while in Nursing school in Kansas City. Yoga brought her a sense of calm during those demanding, stressful days. Yoga has given her a relationship with herself; through the practice she has discovered who she truly is. Yoga is her solace. No matter what is happening in this crazy world, yoga is always there to catch her, fill her up, and make her whole. Yoga has always given her a sense of community, friendships, protection and love even when far away from home. Izzy’s passion for yoga and compassion for helping others has inspired her to become a teacher of the practice. Izzy teaches the “how” and “why” behind the yoga, incorporating yogic philosophy as well as anatomy and safe practices. Her classes offer creativity, kindness, comfort and even a little magic. Students of all levels will be challenged mentally and physically to leave feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Izzy grew up right down the street from Flex Yoga & Barre and can’t wait to be a part of the Denver yoga community. Off her mat Izzy can be found hiking, running, cooking or on the hunt for the best chai tea latte in Denver.

Jacq Pyun

Jacq Yoga Headshot 1.png

Jacq began teaching yoga in 2018 after falling in love with the practice over and over again for nearly 10 years. She loves the sweat, smiles, challenge and chakra energy explosion of yoga and dance, and she is so grateful for the creativity and support of Denver's amazing yoga and fitness community. Jacq teaches power vinyasa and Buti® yoga (a fusion of yoga, tribal dance and plyometrics). She is always seeking to deepen the connections between our senses; especially through the release of feel-good body movements to music. 

Jim Kelly


Jim’s path towards becoming a yoga instructor is not your typical tale...he has worked in IT for 17 years and realized one day that it was not computers he enjoyed working with, but rather helping improve the lives of others. He has always enjoyed coaching, mentoring, and inspiring others to reach their goals. In 2018 Jim decided to take his first 200hr YTT as a means to spread yoga to those who he knew may be intimated by the practice and the stereotypes that they feel come with being seen at a yoga class. His goal is to demystify yoga, and to make it accessible to those who could very much benefit from incorporating a yoga practice to their daily routine but may feel threatened, shy, or embarrassed to give it a try. Jim wants to encourage his students to understand that yoga really is for everybody and every BODY. His classes bring a fun and lighthearted ambiance to a challenging, power flow that leave students smiling and often unaware of just how much work they really put in!

Kaitlin Lombardi

Kaitlin found her mat while she was a junior at CU-Boulder attempting to nurse some sports injuries. When she first stepped onto her yoga mat over 10 years ago, it wasn’t love at first downward dog. Over time she started to listen to her guides about letting her mind go, so her breath could take over, and the rest is history. Unable to sit still for long periods of time, Kaitlin found meditation in movement, and she incorporates a lot of movement! In her day job, she works with children that are blind and visually impaired. She loves learning from her students, skiing, traveling, and spending times with the ones she loves.

Kayce SOL

Kayce finds her passion in adventure, self-discovery, community healing and health and social justice. As a 200hr RYT, trained at Karma Yoga in Denver, Colorado in 2010, she grounds her classes in reflective movement for all types of people from all walks of life. After receiving her B.A. in International Studies and M.A. in Spanish literature she traveled the world working as an International Facilitator for Thinking Beyond Borders.  Most recently in December 2014 graduated from the University of Colorado with a degree in Nursing and now works as a Pediatric Nurse at the Barbara Davis Center. Kayce shares her classes with her students, as a journey to self discovery weaving movement, breathing and reflection. Her classes encompass a tradition and fusion of vinyasa and yin yoga as well as a balance between flexibility and strength.

Kelsey Foster

Kelsey began her yoga journey during a time of turmoil and tragedy. Through her practice, she was able to find grounding and hope in times of trouble. As her practice developed, she grew with it. After practicing for 5 years, Kelsey enrolled in teacher training in the hopes of sharing this sacred, life-changing practice with anyone who wants to learn more. With a background in massage therapy, Kelsey’s classes are focused on alignment and safety. She wants this practice to accessible to everyone and wants her students to feel supported and empowered to move freely and confidently both on and off their mats.

Kim Merriman


Kim was initially drawn to yoga during her earlier years as a ballet dancer as a way to cross train and recover from injuries, but it wasn't until several years later that she soon discovered there was so much more to yoga than just a good workout and laying in savasana at the end of class. She found yoga as a healthy outlet to reduce stress and anxiety and really started to discover what it meant to "go inward" and discover the quiet of the inner self. Yoga has allowed her to embrace letting go of things that do not serve oneself and to have an open mind and work towards manifesting the path and life you want. Having experienced such a dramatic shift during her yoga practice, Kim wanted to share this experience with others and completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training with Brett Larkin in summer of 2018. Her classes are upbeat and challenging, but also with a focus on meditation, breathwork and trying to quiet the inner "monkey mind" that we all experience on a daily basis. She wants to be able to have her students experience the calm sense they feel at the end of yoga class all throughout their day and to be able to have the skills to tap into this on their own when needed.

Leslie Segelke

Yoga Sculpt bio pick.JPG

Certified in Yoga Sculpt and Power Vinyasa, Leslie enjoys inspiring others to empower themselves physically, mentally, and spiritually through the practice of yoga. As a former competitive athlete and coach, Leslie has always had a tremendous appreciation and connection to the transformative power of physical activity. “My goal for every class is to create a safe, challenging and empowering experience where participants can overcome preconceived boundaries within themselves…  guiding the community to inspire and support one another to let go of fear, judgment and expectation and to access the endless possibilities on and off the mat.” 

Lois cox

Graduated from Ohio State University with a BFA in Dance.  Danced for various dance companies in Ohio and then moved to New York City, my home town.  I taught dance for many years but decided to try the fitness world.  I have now been teaching for 25 years. I have completed 200 hours of yoga and also teach pilates mat and reformer.  Barre, Yoga and Pilates have become my favorite classes to teach.  My background in dance has helped me to develop a fun and safe Barre class. Out of all of my accomplishments my favorite is my two wonderful sons.

Michael Carpenter

michelle chrusciel

After trying my first barre class here in Denver I knew that I'd found a unique kind of magic. It didn't take long before I was inspired to complete Lindsey Long's PodBarre Teacher Training in 2016.

I teach a class that I’d want to take. Challenging but accessible. I focus heavily on alignment and breath but most of all I think a workout should be tons of fun. My playlists are inspired by a lot of my own adventures. I enjoy experimenting with a wide variety of genres but electronic bass music has my heart.  When I’m not working I’m spending time with loved ones, and planning the next adventure. 

Maddy Aichele


Maddy has always been a fitness enthusiast. She was introduced to Buti Yoga in the summer of 2018 and was immediately hooked. She got her certification in September 2019 and since has continued to take and teach classes as much as possible. To Maddy, movement is a healing process, physically and emotionally, and will always continue to be a part of her life. When Maddy teaches, her goal is to take ego out of the practice and provide a space for people to feel comfortable in their now body, leaving every class feeling empowered and strong.

Monica Staffieri


Monica's personal practice first began in 2008 when a friend invited her to attend a free Hot Power Vinyasa class. Yoga helped her work through the emotional stresses of nursing school and navigating the world as a new graduate nurse. She uses a holistic lens to help fuse her knowledge and insight gained from her years of nursing experience and her love and passion for yoga as a healing mechanism.

Monica graduated with her 200hr YTT from The River in March of 2018. Monica's take on Power Vinyasa involves upbeat flows with some static holds paired to music. She invites her students to bring a playful sense of humor and humility to her classes. She hopes to guide others to a place where they can learn self-love and healing through the principles and philosophies of yoga.

Stephanie Prochaska

I enjoy keeping all students focused and challenged through all asanas and counts. Barre has changed the way I workout and I love it! Adding yoga to my rotation keeps the serenity and challenge that makes for a perfect combo of lengthening, tightening and strengthening the muscles we already have. I teach Barre, Yoga Tone, and Barre + Yoga Fusion. I hope to see you in class soon!

taylor leister

Taylor first came to barre several years ago as a way to a happier and healthier lifestyle. Taylor found that barre was an hour of mindfulness and an escape from the stresses of everyday life, and she enjoyed the fun, lively, and encouraging atmosphere of a barre class. She found that her practice has strengthened her body and her mind equally. Taylor strives to connect with each and every student, creating a safe and comfortable community where people feel free to be challenged, take risks, and try new things. She tailors each of her classes to her students, focusing on safety and form. She doesn’t take herself too seriously and her quirky sense of humor will keep the studio setting fun and light, while still pushing you to your limit and bringing every muscle group to fatigue. Come to Taylor’s class, you will have fun and get a fantastic work-out!

Taylor Johnson

Taylor is a certified instructor in Power Vinyasa and Acrovinyasa, who has been teaching for almost two years. Her yoga journey began nearly 5 years ago when she stumbled into a free Vinyasa class. What started as a foreign and strange practice became her outlet for overcoming difficulties with body image and an overall unhealthy and unhappy lifestyle. Seeing how powerfully transformative the practice of yoga is, first hand, is what lead Taylor to seek out teaching it to others. The challenge, focus, and energizing atmosphere of Power Vinyasa ultimately led her to try Acro Yoga. Linking her grounded Vinyasa practice to acrobatics and a new level of interconnectivity with others lead her to a deep well of passion for this dance with gravity. Taylor was then inspired to travel to Indonesia to complete her 100hr Acrovinyasa training with YogaBeyond. Her travels led her to live abroad in Australia, teaching Power Vinyasa and Acrovinyasa. She is happy to be back home, and eager to share all of her knowledge of yoga and Acro Yoga with the community in Denver.

Tayler Price

Tayler has a passion for health and wellness that she hopes to share with all students. Her love of fitness lead her to yoga where she quickly discovered the flexibility it provided physically and mentally. As a personal trainer and group exercise instructor Tayler hopes to spark a love of health and wellness in others through a balanced yet challenging class. She has an extensive knowledge of Anatomy through her trainings as well as a Bachelors in Exercise Physiology. Tayler began her teaching journey while in Monterey California and is currently studying to be a Nurse Practitioner in Denver.


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