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The premier yoga and barre studio of Five Points in Denver, CO. 

Adulting 101: Pro-Tips on Expanding Your Social Circle


Adulting 101: Pro-Tips on Expanding Your Social Circle

Sarah Mellick

Maybe you’re new to Denver, or lost half your friend group after a break-up, or perhaps you’re just sick of your current set of friends. Whatever your situation - you need to meet some new people - stat!  But you’re an adult, and making new friends feels weird. Fear not, there's plenty of ways to make a new BFF whether you're 22 or 82. 

Where to Meet New Friends in Denver


There are countless online resources you can use to meet new people. Join your neighborhood Facebook group to see what’s going on in your areas, or at the very least - get a chuckle from some of your neighbor’s ridiculous complaints! If Facebook isn’t your style try Next Door, a social network designed for individual neighborhoods. Buy and sell goods, report porch pirates, or meet your friendly neighborhood animals through the pet directory! And if you’re daring - try the Bumble BFF app. People used to think online dating was weird, but today, an estimated 40 million Americans use it. If you can find a life partner online, you can certainly find someone to complain to once the honeymoon is over!  

Hobbies & Classes

Next time you realize you donated yet another Saturday to that evil temptress, Netflix, make a firm decision to make better use of your free time. Why not dust off that old camera, or take a class that pushes you beyond your comfort zone? Public speaking and improv classes are known to help boost self-esteem, which will give you the confidence to meet even more new people. If you’re trying to keep your costs low, Denver’s got a ton of free and low-cost places to learn new skills including Colorado Free University and even REI!


If you thrive on competition, consider joining one of Denver’s many, many leagues. Even if you have 2 left feet, there’s a league for you. For example - there’s literally a skeeball league in Denver. There are non-competitive leagues for those who fear conflict, and if you don’t have a team you can register as a free agent.  

Professional Development

Isn’t it weird how the very same people who say they hate networking are the ones who are everyone’s best friend 2 drinks into the event? You know that’s you. Google “networking in Denver” and a zillion results will pop up. To narrow it down just a smidge, Kegs with Legs is really popular with marketers and creative types, while Mile High Young Professionals caters to the younger crowd. If you have a lot of school spirit - check out your school’s Denver alumni chapter. Denver is the ultimate melting pot, so if you think your school is so small there’s no way an alumni group exists - you might want to look twice. Or, start one of your own!


Meet new friends, and help others in the process – it’s a two-fer! If you have no idea where to start, check out Volunteer Match, an online resource that can help you find an opportunity in an area of your interest. Or even better – make it a three-fer. Explore little-known parts of Colorado through Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado or the Colorado Fourteeners Initiative. Projects fill up fast, but if you register early enough, you can help restore some of Colorado’s most remote, pristine landscapes.


Find a group that helps keep you accountable to your fitness goals. There are dozens of running clubs throughout the city (bonus: many of them begin and end at a bar), and November Project’s Denver chapter meets twice a week at various spots around town.

If you prefer to work out indoors, Denver has some of the country’s best fitness studios. Join your local studio, stay fit, and make friends with some of the regulars!  

Speaking of Joining a Local Studio …  

FLEX Yoga + Barre is right in the heart of Denver’s Five Points neighborhood and is the perfect place to meet your new BFFs. Join us any Friday for our Yoga & Brew or Barre & Brew series where after class, we send you next door to Spanalang Brewery with a 2-for-1 beer coupon. First timers, we made this even easier for you - your first class is free. See you this Friday!