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The Most Annoying People in Yoga Class & How to Deal


The Most Annoying People in Yoga Class & How to Deal

Sarah Mellick

Every yogi knows this feeling. You’re patiently and peacefully lying on your mat waiting for class to begin when THAT person barges into the studio. Sometimes she’s loud, sometimes he takes up too much space. It's a huge distraction - and you feel like your whole session will be ruined.

At FLEX Yoga + Barre, we get it! But we’re also a judge-free zone. So let’s review some of the most common annoyances and how to deal with them, so you get the most out of your session.

 Annoying People in Yoga  

Tardy to the Party

Who They Are

These people are 4 minutes late to yoga a crowded yoga class forcing everyone to readjust their mats just as they started getting into the zone.

How to Deal: 

Breathe. Think back to the last time you were running late. Remember how your meeting ran over, then traffic was awful and you had to change in the car WHILE DRIVING? Bring back that feeling for a split second, let it go, and make some room.

The Traveling Nomads  

Who They Are: 

These people just returned from yet another vacation (this time it was Southeast Asia). They have a new lease on life, and they must share with you. Plus, they have a great tan and look amazing - which is just not fair.  

How to Deal: 

This person probably has some great travel tips, so get interested and ask a few questions! And when you return from your next trip feeling fresh and looking hot AF, you'll have a captive audience.

The Overachievers

Who They Are: 

These people are in their own world. They’re defying gravity with some sort of crazy one-armed handstand while everyone else is struggling with tree pose. 

How to Deal: 

How many times have you heard the phrase, “It’s your practice”? That’s because it is! Maybe this student finally figured out a difficult pose and wanted practice. Or maybe they usually do Level 3, but this class time was the only one that worked. The bottom line - who cares? It's their practice, and if you want to go off-script, you can too!

The Premature Evacuators

Who They Are: 

These people leave right before savasana and make a lot of noise in the process.

How to Deal:

Savasana is the best part of the class, so there’s likely a good reason for this person to be leaving early. Don’t worry about it, and enjoy YOUR savasana. You earned it!

The Phone Addicts

Who They Are: 

These people bewilder everyone by bringing their phone into the yoga studio. Who can’t be away from their phone for an hour?

How to Deal:

Maybe their child is sick. Or their sister is about to go into labor. Or they’re on-call for work. Give this person the benefit of the doubt!

It Doesn’t Matter!

At FLEX Yoga + Barre, nothing matters to us except you getting the best yoga experience you can in every class. No matter your shape, size, or level of experience - just show up on your mat, and leave the rest to us! Sign up for your free first class today