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2736 Welton St
Denver, CO, 80205
United States

(303) 386-3897

The premier yoga and barre studio of Five Points in Denver, CO. 


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New Classes + New Faces!

Sarah Mellick

We're so excited to announce some new additions to our schedule! Check out our new instructors, and our new classes!



Michela’s teaching style focuses on both alignment and muscle engagement as she believes each barre class has the potential to show students their limit, building both physical and mental strength. Having practiced barre for six years and yoga for four with certifications in both specialties, Michela guides her students to understanding their own correct anatomical alignment to boost key muscles that will positively affect daily activities outside of the studio. Michela is originally from a small town Minden, Nevada but has moved through Colorado, California and Italy for the past 12 years. With a degree in psychology and a love for fitness, she is passionate about the connection between physical and mental health. She feels most at home in the mountains, road biking, traveling, exploring new restaurants in Denver, cooking and spending time with family and friends

Join Michela Thursday mornings at 7:00am for HOT Barre




Taylor is a certified instructor in Power Vinyasa and Acrovinyasa, who has been teaching for almost two years. Her yoga journey began nearly 5 years ago when she stumbled into a free Vinyasa class. What started as a foreign and strange practice became her outlet for overcoming difficulties with body image and an overall unhealthy and unhappy lifestyle. Seeing how powerfully transformative the practice of yoga is, first hand, is what lead Taylor to seek out teaching it to others. The challenge, focus, and energizing atmosphere of Power Vinyasa ultimately led her to try Acro Yoga. Linking her grounded Vinyasa practice to acrobatics and a new level of interconnectivity with others lead her to a deep well of passion for this dance with gravity. Taylor was then inspired to travel to Indonesia to complete her 100hr Acrovinyasa training with YogaBeyond. Her travels led her to live abroad in Australia, teaching Power Vinyasa and Acrovinyasa. She is happy to be back home, and eager to share all of her knowledge of yoga and Acro Yoga with the community in Denver.

Taylor will be teaching Power Vinyasa (heated) at 6:00am Tuesday mornings and 5:00pm on Wednesday evenings!



Michelle is a Chicago native who left the windy city to seek out the mountainscapes of Colorado. Like so many who practice intentional exercises, Michelle first practiced yoga to find grounding and purpose for her inner life and as a way to balance the demands of her career in non-profit development. Michelle is mission driven, and ten years of yoga have helped her bring the fulfillment of purposeful work to a purposeful personal life as well.

Michelle tried Barre in Denver and knew from her very first class that she’d found a unique kind of magic.  Barre harnessed the focus of yoga, combined with the challenge and intensity that gave her drive. She saw the positive results of Barre physically, but also mentally and emotionally as well. Michelle believes a workout should be fun and engaging for both the mind and the body, and her Barre practice has provided her both. She was inspired to complete Lindsey Long’s 50 hour PodBarre training here in Denver and knows that this is the beginning of a long journey of deepening her Barre practice.

Outside of the studio, you can find Michelle at an outdoor concert, hiking in Boulder, playing with her nephews at the park, and reading at the Denver Public Library Friends Foundation, where she currently works.

Find Michelle at FLEX Barre 6:15pm on Tuesdays and 6:00am Fridays!




Growing up in a tiny town in West Virginia, I moved to Denver after spending a weekend at Red Rocks shows. The moment I returned back East after my vacation, I felt a part of my soul calling me back, and soon thereafter the Mile High City became my home. It is here where yoga found a way into my life as a different method of getting a good workout, and with that came an added, and unbeknownst to me, bonus of staying grounded (a fancy way, in my mind, to say ‘staying sane’). The feeling that I get each time I return to my mat is almost impossible to put into words, which is why I hope to share it with others through teaching. We all come to our mat with our own, different objective or purpose, but I aim to take it one step further and teach from a place of getting what we didn’t know we came for. I’m a go-with-the-flow (no pun intended) kind of gal, and I bring that energy to each of my classes. Prepare to get sweaty, groove to some funky tunes, and most definitely hear some corny jokes as we share our practice together! 

Start your weekend with Danica Fridays at 5:45pm Power Vinyasa + Brews!


Sarah Mellick

Join us as we team up with Re-Generate for a night filled with yoga, breath, inspiration, and movement!


OCTOBER 26, 2015 | 7:30PM-9:00PM


If you're looking for something energetic, exciting, and a bit different on your yoga mat, THIS IS IT! 

One night, one class--yoga, live DJ, and massage. Kayce Berke, Elisa Safran, and DJ naTana will bring it all together and wow you, relax you, and invigorate you. You will NOT want to miss this! 

- $15 for First time FLEX visitors, Curtis Park + Five Points neighbors and FLEX members
- $25 Drop-in